We would like to stress the importance of a good technical foundation in dance. Students will be placed in appropriate classes according to experience and ability. We will be spending much of our class time learning the correct way to dance rather than simply learning dances. Please encourage your child to practice at home. Rehearsals and performances are also considered an important part of the training, and students are expected to participate fully. If you would ever like to discuss your child's progress, or any other concern you might have, please feel free to call.

Observation. Parents may observe the last lesson in October and December. Parents are asked to observe only at these times.

*No chewing gum is allowed in the studio.*


Please deliver and pick up students on time. If students
are tardy or absent, achievement is greatly hindered.

Students must attend a minimum of 75% of their scheduled
classes in order to perform in the recital.

If it is decided that a student will not continue classes,
parents are responsible for tuition until we receive notice.

Dress Code

Appropriate attire must be worn to all classes.
Hair should be off the face and neck and fastened so that it will not get in the eyes.
Ballet slippers must be Bloch or Capezio. Other brands do not conform to the foot properly.
Pointe shoes only with permission of teachers.

Pink Tights
Pink Slippers

(Optional) Short Dance Skirts*

*For girls under 6, skirts must be attached at the waist.
White T-Shirt
Black Tights or Stretch Pants
Black or White Slippers

Bad Weather Policy

If, due to weather, the Kershaw County schools are
closed, we will not have dance in Camden that day.

If, due to weather, REL Academy is closed, we will
not have dance in Bishopville that day.

If school starts late in either place, we will have dance.

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